Still Alive – The Spook School : Single Review

TW: Brief mentions of abusive relationships.

“Fuck you, I’m still alive” sings The Spook School vocalist Nye Todd in their latest single, Still Alive. The Spook School have always been strong advocates of upbeat, politically motivated power pop. Their first album, Dress Up, addresses themes of gender identity and mental health, whilst their second album, Try to Be Hopeful, looks at the world as it is and says, ‘we need change’. Now with a third album due for release in January, they seem to be continuing on an amazing upward trajectory.

The video accompanying the release of Still Alive is concurrent with the song’s themes of getting through to the other side of an abusive relationship and beginning to move on. The song is triumphant in the way it does this.  Lyrics like “you helped me grow thicker skin. And now I know all your little signs” show how difficult it can be to untangle yourself from a situation like that but recognise that now you’ve managed it and can begin to look forwards.

Ultimately, Still Alive is a song about personal development. Looking back on your past and recognising that you’ve made it and whatever person was in your life is no longer there.



Photo from Still Alive music video by The Spook School. Videographer: Taylor Stewart

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