Silver Haze – Aye Nako: Album Review

TW: Racial violence, racism

Fresh off the release of their second album, Silver Haze, Aye Nako play grungey, melodic, emotionally and politically honest music. The lyrics of Silver Haze reflect singer Mars’ and guitarist Jade’s frustrations. Sissy is about not feeling safe on the streets as a black, queer person. In an interview with Gold Flake Paint, Mars says: “I wish I could feel ok wearing lipstick, crop tops and things like that whenever I want, but I’m literally terrified someone will kill me”. ‘Tell me what I need/To stay safe on the streets’ sings Mars amid screaming guitars. It’s great political punk, packing a huge punch.

Silver Haze is confrontational and earnest. Muck is about “feeling so ugly because of [Mars’] blackness”. It is important music, easily accessible, and catchy. Aye Nako have always written from the heart, and this album is a wonderful demonstration of their lyrical and musical capabilities.

On a deep level, Silver Haze is about coming to terms with trauma through whatever means possible, and it does so tenderly and with great poignance.



Photo by Chris Sikich


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