Precious Art – Rozwell Kid: Album Review

Pop punk is fun. That’s part of its main appeal. Precious Art is a ‘trip to Brighton pier with friends in just the right weather and in just the right mood’ kind of album. It’s fun, it’s ridiculous, it’s over the top, but it’s also one of your favourite experiences of the year. I discovered Rozwell Kid through the fantastic Instagram account Punk Rock Milo (I’m not ashamed to say this is where I get a lot of my music recommendations), and it’s provided a lot of my ‘getting ready to go out’ soundtrack for the last few months.

Lead single, Wendy’s Trash Can, is raucous and relentlessly positive. The penultimate lyric being ‘I’m on a lightning bolt of cosmic self-expression,’ this is pop punk at its most distilled. It gets a bit weird at times, but pretty much every song has a catchy hook, an amazing guitar solo, and great lyrics.




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