Birdie – Slaughter Beach, Dog: Album Review

My top two Spotify artists this year? Modern Baseball, followed by Slaughter Beach, Dog. What originally started as a side project for Jake Ewald to overcome some writers block, Slaughter Beach, Dog is now a fully-fledged band, championing Jake’s unique writing style and throwing in some new sounds like slide guitar and some keys.

Birdie is a beautiful album to listen to. Calm and mellow in all the right places, you can either let it wash over you, or you can choose to listen to the incredibly intricate lyrical scenarios that Jake describes. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what Jake is writing about, as the songs are often told from an intensely personal perspective, but you sure can feel the emotion behind it. And that emotion is warm, but not rose-tinted, nostalgia. It’s the kind of album that comes at a point of life where you realise you’re no longer living your adolescence from a first-person perspective, and you’re both overjoyed to leave that tumultuous section of your life behind, but also sad because of the people and experiences you’ve left behind.




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